9 Reasons to Add Games to Your Site

by Barbara J. Feldman, Surfnetkids.com

Barbara J. Feldman There are as many reasons for adding games to your site as there are games. Here are two:

Reason #1) Kids and teens play online games. If you engage your audience with entertaining games, your audience will stay at your site longer and return time and time again. Internet marketing gurus call this sticky.

Reason #2) Your visitors will tell others about your games. Kids and teens love to share good games with their friends, so they will tell their friends about your games via email and instant messaging. Internet marketing gurus call this viral because it spreads your site like a (good) germ from person to person.

If you would like to learn more about why online games are so effective, you can:

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P.S. Surfnetkids now offers four resources for those interested in adding games to their site. This email course is just one of them. For a brief overview of all four resources, click here.