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Barbara Reprinted from my Surfnetkids newsletter:


Dear Reader,

By now most students have received their first progress reports of the school year. If you were thrilled with your students' grades, then congratulations! If not, and you've been struggling with how to help your middle-school and high-school kids (at home or in the classroom) with math or science, then read on.

Last week I "met" Anita Delmar, an exceptional teacher, and her husband Michael Gordon, a technology nerd, when they offered me a review copy of "Awesome Grades in Math and Science." Wow! Their program is amazing!

Awesome Grades
First, let me tell you what "Awesome Grades" is not. It does NOT explain solving for x, finding the area of a polygon, or the reproductive cycle of asexual organisms.

Rather, "Awesome Grades" opens the student's mind to the possibility that not only can they do math and science, but they can be successful AND enjoy themselves along the way! With the right set of skills, your students can achieve success. And isn't this what we truly want to teach our kids: not simply facts, but confidence in their ability to learn?

With a very reasonable $29.95 price tag (less than the usual price of a single-hour of tutoring) and a one-year unconditional guarantee for personal users (schools get a different deal, which you learn about at their website) how can you lose?

Click here for "Awesome Grades in Math and Science"

To your students' success,

Barbara J. Feldman
"Surfing the Net with Kids"

P.S. As a computer science graduate and a woman, the issue of girls shying away from math and science is very near and dear to my heart. Reading my alumni magazine from University of California, Irvine, I was dismayed to learn that the percent of women in computer science programs has actually DECREASED in the last twenty years. It is currently only 28% nationally, and a disappointing 15% at research universities.

If your daughter says "I just don't get math!" then "Awesome Grades" is just what you need to help turn this around. Girls rule! And they rule even better when they get good grades in math and science!

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