Back to School Activities That Will Excite Your Child


Back to school activities should do one of two things: They should help you get ready to go back to school, or should celebrate the fun of summer and the enjoyment of having taken some time off. Here is a look at a few fun back to school activities:

Personalizing your gear:

One of the back to school activities kids love the most is personalizing their back to school supplies and gear. What you need for this activity is a lot of arts and crafts supplies, folders, pencil cases, plain colored lunchboxes and backpacks. You will want your craft supplies to include a sewing kit, glue gun, fabric markers, stickers, scrapbooking stuff, etc. Basically, for this activity the kids should be given their school supplies and be allowed to decorate and personalize them as they wish. They might create an insert to stick in the front cover of their binder that has photographs of them and friends, or stickers and magazine cut outs that represent who they are, etc. This is not just a fun activity, it is a great way for you to get your child involved with expressing themselves in healthy ways, which will be a huge asset before school starts.

Photobook making:

One of the things kids do when they go back to school is brag to their friends about all of the fun things they did during their summer vacation. You can turn this into a great back to school activity. Help your child put together a photo book of all the things they did that summer. Forget to take photos? Spend an afternoon going to all of the fun haunts and places you frequented over the summer to get a snap shot. For example, if you enjoyed sno cones on a regular basis over the summer, get a snap shot in front of the sno shack. Then either print out the photos, or make a digital book and have it made of their summer of fun. Your child will love remembering the fun they had over the summer, while creating a memento they will be able to keep for their whole life.

Preparation races and activities:

When you go back to school you have all kinds of things you have to get ready, from preparing lunches to take from home, to choosing the outfit to wear the first day of school. So, make a game out of it? Get all of the items for your sack lunches and put them on the counter, then have a race to see who can assemble the most in a given amount of time. Take an afternoon to make an activities calendar to help you child plan out their life and fun when school is back in session and things like homework and tests loom over their heads. You can decorate it really cute and make it a fun addition to their bedroom wall, etc.

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