Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas


Your back to school bulletin board should be both creative and welcoming. You want your students to feel wanted, and ready to get back to learning. Here are a few fun ideas for back to school bulletins.

T-Riffic summer: For this you will want to cover your board with a blue paper, and then use some string to create a clothes line on it. Then, cut out a t-shirt shape on paper for each student. At the top of your bulletin board write out “Hope you had a T-riffic summer!” then give each student a T-shirt to right their name and one thing about themselves. Then, use clothes pins to secure the t-shirts to the clothes line you created it. It is a fun way to welcome kids back, and help them get to know one another a little better.

Classroom rules board: For this bulletin board, you will want to get a fun border and bright background paper, then write out your classroom rules, and find clip art or pictures of some kind to represent each rule. These can be things like, “I will raise my hand.” Or “I will not eat in class.” It is good to give your class a visual reminder of the rules for the upcoming school year, and seeing them on your bulletin board for the first month will really help them stick.

Grape bunch of new students: For this board you will want to create a background with a solid color, and then make a bunch of grapes out of purple construction paper, and get pictures of each student to glue in the center of each globe. Assemble them like a bunch or cluster of grapes, then at the top of your bulletin board you will have the phrase, “I have a “grape” bunch of new students.” This will help them feel welcomed.

Baby picture board: For this board, you will need to collect baby pictures and current pictures from your students. You can do this in advance by talking to the parents, or make it the homework assignment on night one. Place the baby pictures down one side of the bulletin board and the current pictures down the other side. Number one side, and letter the other, then have a contest to see who can guess which pictures go together. The kids will have a ton of fun looking at the baby pictures, and even more fun guessing which pictures go with which person. At the top of your bulletin you can write something like, “Getting to know you.” And in the center you can put your picture and baby picture so that the kids can see you as a baby as well.

Get creative and have fun with your bulletin board, you won’t regret it and your students will probably love it.