Back to School Checklist


Getting ready to go back to school is a process. There are all kinds of things you have to do, and prepare in order for that first day of school to be a success, or even, a possibility. Here are a few of the back to school things you won’t want to forget:

Back to school checklist:

1. Registration: In order for your child to get back into the school system, they have to be registered. But, registration takes more than just telling the school you want to go there. Here is what you need.

  1. Immunizations. Kids have to be up to date on their immunizations, or have a waiver in order to register for school. So, check with your doctor to ensure that your child has all of their immunizations. If not, make sure that you get an appointment set, or find out when the county health clinic is open for immunizations, as your child will not be able to register for school until you have done this.

  2. Proof of residency. Schools have boundaries for residence. If you don’t live within the boundary, you don’t attend that school without special permission. So, you need something to show where you live, or you need to obtain a form for switching districts or schools. It has to be approved or your child won’t be allowed to attend.
  3. Birth certificate. Schools require a valid birth certificate for a child to be in school. So dig it out, order it from the state they were born in if don’t have one. You will need to do this in advance. If your child has been registered at the school in the past you won’t need this again.
  4. Information. Each year when you register a child for school you need to update information about them, allergies, emergency contacts, etc. So, know the information so you can put it on the forms.

2. Supplies: Your child will need paper, pencils, pens, calculators, notebooks, binders, folders, etc. in order to be successful with school. The school your child attends, and the classes they are taking, as well as what grade level they are going into will determine what supplies they need. Check with the school for a specific checklist. If they do not provide one, most stores offering back to school supplies will have a basic list of which supplies are needed.

3. Gear: In order for your child to go back to school it would be wise to get them a backpack, a lunchbox, water bottle, etc. If they need a bus pass, get that. If they need a bike and a lock, get that. Basically, figure out what gear they need and get it. If they are going to eat lunch from the school cafeteria, then you won’t need to get a lunch box.

4. Know how to get there and schedule: Where is the school? What time does it start? Will they be taking a bus? Where is the bus stop? What time does the bus come? When does school let out? How will they get home?