Back to School Crafts


Back to school crafts are a fantastic way to help make going back to school more fun. The following are a few of the best ways to make going back to school crafts a fun part of your last few weeks of summer:

Gifts for teacher: One of the best back to school crafts your kid can participate in making is a craft that can act as a gift for the teacher. For example, you could make a cup to hold the pencils. Buy a cylinder, and paint or decorate it. Close off one side of it, and write some kind of phrase on it like, “Teacher’s grading pens.” You can make an apple gift, or you can make a plaque or something else to give the teacher when you go back to school. This will make a good first impression, and be fun.

Locker gear: The next back to school craft you can do is something for the locker. A locker is like your personal domain in the campus. So, decorating it, making it work for your needs, and giving it a little flair is a great goal for your back to school crafting. You can make a locker mirror to help you check your hair, makeup, teeth, etc. between classes, after lunch, before school, etc. You could make a locker shelf that gives you a little more space and use in the locker. You can create a locker hanger that hangs over the door, on the inside of your locker to give you some pockets and places to hold small things like paper clips, chapstick, sticky notes, etc. The possibilities are endless. Consider the size of your locker, and whether you will be sharing it, or having it to yourself, and then decorate it by crafting some personalize goodies. You can make a name badge for your locker door, or a collage of your favorite summer pictures, etc.

Personalized stuff: Another fun back to school craft is to personalize something that you need for school. Your school supplies include a backpack, lunch bag or box, pencil case, folder, binders, etc. So, for your back to school craft, you will want to choose one or all of the above and personalize it. You can make a scrapbook page of your summer activities to slip inside the plastic cover on your binder. You can get stickers, markers, and other crafty things to decorate the pencil holder. You can get patches, fabric paints, buttons, pins, beads, etc. to decorate backpacks. You can get stickers and lettering to personalize a lunch box, etc.

Back to school crafts should be fun and focus on remembering the summer, personalizing your basic school supplies, and giving yourself a little edge. So, have fun and think through what you want to do so that you make it exactly how you want it to be.