More Back-to-School Tips for Parents

School Bus

As a parent, one of your jobs is to get your child ready to go back to school. The following is a list of back to school tips for parents:

Tip one: Get them ready for the change in habits. It can be hard for kids to go from sleeping in until the afternoon, playing video games, going to the pool, etc. to waking early, and being on a tight schedule with classes, eating times, homework, etc. So, help your child make the adjustment by getting them to stick with their in school bedtime at least a week or two before school starts back up. Make sure they do things every day to activate their minds, such as reading, and practicing spelling, vocab, etc. Basically, start working them slowly back to the scheduled life, and away from leisure.

Tip two: Get them registered. This may seem like a no brainer, but if you do it early, and run into any snags or complications, you will have time to remedy them. What if you can’t find their birth certificate, and they were born in a different state? You will need time to contact the county they were born in and order a new certificate, and have it mailed to you. What if they are not up to date on their immunizations? You have to be able to get them in to see the doctor, and get their shots BEFORE school starts, as they won’t be able to start if they are not current. Basically, doing this early gives you time to deal with any complications that arise, and rest assured with the peace of mind if you don’t have any complications.

Tip three: Get school supplies together. Last minute trips to Wal-Mart for folders, pencils, and calculators can be frustrating and problematic. So, instead, plan early, shop the sales, and make sure you have your whole back to school checklist marked off with a week or so to spare. This will save you money, and spare you the headache of fighting the last minute crowds.

Tip four: Help your kid look and feel their best. You will have far fewer problems during the school year if your child feel prepared, confident, etc. before it starts. Make sure you know when they need to be signed up for various after school activities and sports, take them clothing shopping, to get hair cuts, and all of that other stuff that helps give them a boost of confidence. This will help you avoid problems with bullies, peer pressure, etc. so do not under estimate the power of clothes and skills to add confidence to your child.

Tip five: Spend one day making a plan. This plan should include things like what route your child will take to school each day, what time you expect them home by, who the emergency contacts will be, ensuring they have numbers memorized, etc. This is the rest assured plan day that puts your mind at ease so when your child is away from you, you know you are prepared for emergency scenarios.