Back to School Art Projects


Going back to school is quite an event. The following are a few back to school art projects that can make going back to school fun:

Pencil people: For this art project, you are going to want to get a pencil, a small wooden sphere, a few paint markers, some glue, some yarn, and some fabric, etc. What you are going to do is start by removing the eraser from the pencil, then glue a wood sphere to the top of the pencil. Then, use the paint pen to draw a face on. You are then going to want to use the glue to secure some yarn hair on. You can tie it, braid, it let it be wild on top of the wooden sphere, etc. Then, use the glue and secure the fabric on, you can make it a bow tie if you want it to be a boy, or a skirt if you want it to be a girl, or however you want it to be.

Pocket notebooks: For this art project you are going to want to get a notebook, felt, and glue. You are going to take felt and cut it to cover the front cover and overlap some to the inside of the notebook. You can choose a felt that is patterned, or a simple one. Once you have properly covered the exterior of the notebook, you will want to cut a smaller piece of felt, and cut it to make a pocket. This pocket will be useful for holding things like pens, pencils, etc. You want to glue it on well. Then, you can decorate the outside, with things like buttons, etc. Personalize it all you want.

Bookmarks: This back to school art project is great for any age, grade, etc. You want to take a piece of cardstock, and cut it into a bookmark size. You want to decorate it with stickers, cutouts, pens, markers, crayons, etc. You can write on your favorite quote, or you can put your child’s name and make it look great. Once the bookmark is decorated (two sided), you want to punch a hole in the center near the top. Then have it laminated. Laminate with a thick laminate so that it can withstand all the reading done throughout the year. Punch a hole where the old hole was, but use a slightly smaller punch. Thread some ribbon through.

Of course there are any number of other art projects you can do for back to school, from decorating and personalizing your backpack, to creating fun pencil cases, lunch boxes, and more. There are a number of fun art project idea online. So, evaluate the child, what they enjoy doing, and choose an art project that fits their interests, whether that involves play dough, paint, paper, beads, or fabric. Let their imaginations run wild.