Back to School Arts and Crafts Projects


The following are some great back to school art projects:

Lunch Money Locket

For this project you will need the following items:

  • A tin
  • Paint
  • A piece of yarn or chain
  • Decorative items

What you want to do is paint your tin and use the decorative items, like gem stones, or buttons, or little items, etc. to make your tin fun and personalized. Run the yarn through the hinge area so that it is secure, then tie to the length your child wants to wear it. You can put their money in the tin in the mornings, and have them wear it until lunch time, then there is no chance of them losing it.

Flowerpot Pencils
For this back to school art project you will need the following items:


  • Flowerpot
  • Glass rocks
  • Pens or pencils
  • Fake flowers
  • Green floral tape

In order to do this back to school art project, you will want to start by filling your flowerpot with the glass rocks. You may want to decorate the flowerpot using markers, paint pens, or hot glue and little items like gem stones, buttons, etc. Then, take the fake flowers, and use the green floral tape to wrap the stems of the fake flowers around the tops of the pens or pencils, and then “plant” them into the flowerpot with glass rocks.

After School Routine Placemat
For this back to school art project you will need:


  • A placemat size paper
  • Decorative cut outs
  • Lamination

Start by decorating your placemat, and either print out, or make a list of all the after school routine items you need to do. For example, you might put, do homework, read twenty minutes, any after school chores, etc. Glue this onto the poster board, and then decorate around it. When they are done decorating, get the placemat laminated. Then, get a washable marker or pen, and let them check off each item on the list as the complete it after school.

Lunch Bag
This is as simple an art project as they come, but it can be a ton of fun for kids. What you want to do is get a bag of brown or white sack lunches. Get some old magazines and scissors, crayons and markers, glitter, or whatever else you think will be fun to decorate brown paper sacks with. Then, let your kids have at it. You can give them a theme, like “summer fun” and have them pick out pictures from the magazines to represent some of the fun things you did over the summer. Or, let them decorate their lunch bag to be something that they want to do, or that they like, etc.

When back to school comes around, it can be fun, exciting, overwhelming, long dreaded, and a number of other emotions all wrapped into one. Give your child a chance to have an outlet for getting those feelings out, and art is a good way to do so.