“I Wanna Go to School Too!” Back to School Activities for Your Preschooler


Preschoolers go back to school to learn and get ready for kindergarten both academically and socially. Having a series of activities for them to participate in can make the experience much easier, and help them have a lot of fun in the process. The following are three great back to school activities for your preschooler to enjoy:

All About Me Book:This is a project or activity that involves them making a book, creating or coloring pictures, and identifying things about themselves. Most preschoolers are still in the years where they are trying to determine their likes, their dislikes, etc.. Most are easily influenced by others. This book helps them think about themselves and identify for themselves the things they like.

Here is how the book should go:

Page 1: I am a girl/boy. The child should circle which one they are. Then have them draw a picture of themselves.

Page 2: My name is ______________. The child should fill in their name the best that they can.Page

3: My favorite color is __________________. There should be a box where they can color in their favorite color.

Page 4: My favorite food is ___________________. You should let them look for pictures to cut out of their favorite foods.

Page 5: This year in school I want to learn about _______________. They fill in with photos or you can help them write in some of the things they want to learn.

When they have completed all of the pages then you can staple them all together, help them write their name on the cover, and let them enjoy reading through it over and over.

Start of Memories Picture Frame:

Another fun activity for a preschooler is to have them wear their backpack and you take a photo of them. Get the photo printed. In the meantime, get a foam or cardboard cut out of a picture frame in the size that you printed the photo. Then, let the kids use old puzzle pieces and glue to decorate the frame. Talk to them about how school is made of up several years, and several different classes and subjects to help them get an education, kind of like a puzzle is made up of several different pieces. Once they are done decorating, put their picture in, and let them hang it in their bedrooms, etc.

Little Engine That Could, “I think I can” Backpack Buttons:

Another fun activity for back to school with preschoolers is one that helps them get excited and feel confident about the upcoming year. For this activity you want to start by reading the book, “The Little Engine That Could.” Then, let them decorate a paper that says, “I think I can” and give them a button or laminated pin that says, “I think I can” on it to pin on their backpack. This will serve as a reminder that they can learn even the hard things in preschool.