Going to School Too: Back to School Activities for Preschoolers


Preschool is one of the first steps in the education process, and while it is very exciting for most preschoolers, it can also be overwhelming. Help them get excited to learn, and address their fears by helping them with these fun back to school activities.

Great Year Certificates:

Most kids come into the school year with high expectations, and then start to taper off, pay less attention, etc. This activity is designed to help them stay excited, and keep committed to acting right, and doing well in class. For this activity you are going to want to play a game to get them in a good mood. Red light, green light, is a good one. Then you will sit them down and have them decorate a certificate that reads, “You did great this year!” They are going to decorate it, and then you are going to hang them all up on a bulletin board, or somewhere that they can see them every time they come to class. If they go the whole year, attend class, and do not have too many disruptions, they get their certificate at the end of the year.

Kissing Hand Art Project:

For this activity you are going to start by reading the book, “The Kissing Hand.” It is a great book about how even when they are away from their parent the kisses stay with them. So, read the book, and let them trace their hand on a picture, and then you can put lipstick on each kid and let them kiss the center of their handprint. They can then give that to their parent to let them know they love them too. It is a fun activity and helps alleviate many of the fears and separation anxieties that preschoolers may have. They will love reading the story because most preschoolers thoroughly enjoy being read to, and then they will have fun doing an art project that they get to take home and give to their parents.

Backpack Decorations:

Another fun activity for the back to school preschooler is to let them pick out a backpack to take their projects to and from school in, and then get them buttons, pins with beads, fabric paint, etc. to decorate and make it personalized. If they are not using a full on backpack, let them decorate a tote bag or knapsack. It will be something they never forget to take to school because they will be so proud of their hard work making their very own backpack look great. You can help them with a hot glue gun, and put gems, etc. on their backpack as well.

These are just a few back to school activities for preschoolers to help them get excited and not be afraid of learning and being away from parents a few hours a week.

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