Back to School Decoration Ideas for Teacher or Parent


Decorating for a back to school party, or a back to school classroom, or whatever else you are decorating for, requires back to school decorations. The following are some great back to school decoration ideas:

Apple Chains

For this you are going to cut out several apples. Apples are a school symbol because they represent the gift that you give to a teacher. Back in the olden days, before gifts were a popular choice for teachers, students would give their teachers apples. An apple was used because of the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Giving the gift of an apple meant giving your teacher wishes for good health. So, represent this with apple streamers and other apple chains, and cutouts in windows, etc.

School Buses

Another fun symbol that represents going back to school is the bus, or the transportation to get back to school. While not all kids ride the bus, they all recognize it as a school symbol. So, get cut outs, or paint a bus on a mirror or a window. You can do a big cut out, and then put photos of the students in your class inside it as a fun, personalized form of decoration.

Lunch Boxes

If you have a back to school party, cute lunchboxes and other back to school paraphernalia make great center pieces. You can open them and fill them with things like crayons, glue, lines notebook paper, books, etc. or you can keep them closed and prop things up against them. They make cute dishes for holding chips and other foods as well for serving tables. Lunch boxes are both useful and fun for decorating, a powerful combination.

Crayon Images

Crayons are yet another symbol often associated with going back to school. One of the things you can do with crayon images is make name cards with them. If you are having a get to know you party that you need to decorate for, you can use real crayons, and crayon cut out images as part of your décor, and then give each person a paper one to write their name on as a name badge for their shirt.


Using rulers to create borders on posters, to create a pathway on the ground, or any number of other decorating uses is also a fun idea for back to school decorations. Rulers come in a wide variety of colors and mediums, so you can use them with almost any décor choice for back to school decorating.

Welcome Banner

When decorating for back to school, a welcome banner equipped with all of these and other common back to school symbols is a great idea.


What would school be without some books? Why not use them to help you decorate? Again, they make wonderful table centerpieces, or can be used as a symbol of education in streamers, banners, etc.