How to Decorate for Back to School Activities


When decorating for back to school, there are a number of things you want to think about. The following is a list of some of the back to school decoration considerations you should make:

First, you want to make sure that the elements you use to decorate are easily recognized as back to school. You can decorate with just about anything, streamers, centerpieces, etc. However, if you make it obviously for back to school, it helps. Just like weddings often involve things like bells, rings, doves, and white, back to school involves things like buses, apples, rulers, pencils, crayons, books, computers, etc. So, when selecting things like streamers, banners, and the like to decorate with, you want to get them school themed. You can often find great back to school themed decorations at dollar stores, Wal-Mart, Target, and the like. When in doubt, choose things that are going to be recognized.

Second, determine what your intention is with the decorations. Often decorations for back to school can be both pleasing to the eye, and functional. For example, if you have a back to school party, you could decorate the tables with books as centerpieces, and use those same books as the party favors at the end. Another good example would be to use plastic lunch boxes as the serving dishes for some of the dry foods like chips, pretzels, candies, etc. If it is a classroom you are decorating, you can decorate your back to school bulletin, and make it festive and fun, but also useful with information or fun facts that help kids get to know you and each other better, or the classroom rules, etc. Decorations do not have to be just for show, they can have purposes as well, and usually work better, look better, and are better when they are more than just decorative.

Third, decorate for the age group. When a kindergartener goes back to school, they are excited about things like school buses, and meeting their teachers, and getting to play at recess. When a high schooler goes back to school, they are excited about the friends, and about their elective classes, sports, etc. So, decorate by age, and by interest. When decorating an elementary age thing for back to school, you would use the brighter primary colors, fun school themed things, and of course, plenty of cut outs, etc. When decorating for an older crowd, you might include things like combination locks, lockers, apples for teachers, graphing calculators and other technology, etc.

Just remember, when decorating for back to school, the idea is to have fun, and help the kids be excited about going back to school, and about the new year. You want them to feel comfortable, and confident. So, choose decorations that invite those two feelings. Consider your audience, and determine if you want to go with something subtle, or flashy.

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