Back to School Encouragement

Sometimes going back to school can be difficult, overwhelming, or just plain scary for kids. They may be having problems socially, or be worried academically. Either way, a little encouragement can go a long way. The following are a few fun ideas for back to school encouragement for your student.

Lunch box notes: It can be tough to make it through a school day, and sometimes by lunch kids are ready to throw in the towel, which is why this is such a great encouragement option for kids. What you do is when you pack their school lunch in the morning, simply write a couple of lines on the napkin you enclose, and stick a little treat in with it. Something they do not get often, or would not be expecting. A few words like, “I hope your day at school is wonderful.” Or “I was thinking about you and I love you.” Can really help turn a day around for a child.

Fun surprises in the backpack: If you want a fun back to school encouragement, surprises are a good idea. Once way to do this is by slipping something into their backpack for them to find at school. Be sure you include a note or something so that they know it is for them. You can put a treat in their backpack, or maybe a fun pencil, notebook, etc. with their favorite characters, etc. on it. Just something to make them excited and perk up their spirits about going back to school. You know your child, so figure out what kind of surprise in their backpack would give them the most encouragement for going back to school. It might be a card telling them how proud you are and tickets to a movie for the weekend, etc.

Clear your schedule: Sometimes the best encouragement you can give a child going back to school is time spent with you. If they do not have to worry that they will get less attention from you, they will be more excited to go back to school. So, clear your schedule that first week they go back to school in order to be there to listen and help them with anything they may need. They might need homework help, someone to listen to them, or just to know that you will be there, read with them, and find time for them after their schedules get busier.

If your child needs some back to school encouragement, start by considering what it is that makes them tick, and find ways to tap into that and provide them with the extra boost of motivation that they need. For most kids, a note, an encouraging word, a few surprises and some of your time will do the trick better than anything else in the world, but you know your child best.

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