More Ideas for Back to School Encouragement

Some kids need a little encouragement to get excited for going back to school. It can be overwhelming or scary. The following is a look at a few things you can do as a parent to help your kids get more excited and prepared for back to school:

Back to school clothes. If a kid feels good about how they look, they usually feel pretty good about themselves. It is important in your back to school encouragement that you include some new back to school clothes. Help them feel excited about school because they are going to look good when they go. Allow them to choose a few new outfits, accessories, and the basics that they need, and let your child use clothes as part of how they express themselves. They will be less weary of going back to school, and will likely be excited to show off their new digs.

New backpacks, lunch boxes and so on. You can help encourage your child to go back to school with up to date school gear. Kids get excited when they see notebooks, backpacks, and all of the other things they need for a successful school year. If they know they will be prepared and have the calculators and other goods necessary for school, they will feel less anxiety about going. Let them join you when you pick their gear out. They may appreciate getting to choose the folders and notebooks they will be carrying around all year.

Alarm clock. Believe it or not, getting a kid their own personal alarm clock can really encourage them to go to school. Younger children will be excited to set the alarm and go to bed at night so they can wake up to it. Older kids will feel less anxious about waking up late and not having time to get ready for school.

Praise, praise, praise. No matter what the thing your child is anxious about, praise and positive speaking can help encourage them to be excited about school, learning, getting back to the social aspects of school etc. If they are nervous about meeting new people, and having to make new friends, you can praise them as someone people want to get to know and love. If they are worried about academics, praise their intelligence and work ethic. If they are worried about something else, simply praise them all around as a great person, a smart person, a wonderful person. The better they feel about themselves and the more prepared they feel for school, the less encouragement they will need to go back to school.

Help your child feel confident about themselves, their academic abilities, and their looks, and chances are they won’t need more encouragement than that. Kids are often insecure, and back to school anxieties stem from that. Help them feel secure, and they will be excited, or at least not apprehensive, about school.

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