Going Back to School in Good Health

The trouble with going back to school is being exposed to all the people filled with all the germs. In order to have a healthy return back to school, consider the following back to school health tips:

The first thing you need to do to have a healthy back to school is just remember the basics like washing your hands before eating, touching your face, and after going to the bathroom. The things you touch all day can be crawlng with germs, so regular hand washing is helpful. Washing is the most effective way to rid your hands of contaminates, but for the in between washes, use some hand sanitizer. Washing your hands is going to help you avoid germs, but now let’s look at what you can do to boost your immune system.

There are several things you can do to boost immune function. Most of them are easy to obtain simply by following the basics of good health, such as eating right, sleeping plenty, getting some sunshine, etc. It is critical that when you go back to school, that you get to bed at a decent hour, get plenty of vitamin C, eat healthy snacks, and brain foods, and not run yourself ragged. If you do, your health will suffer as a result.

Next, for a healthy back to school, make sure you have good quality shoes, and a sturdy, supportive backpack. One of the health issues with going back to school is spending so much time walking from class to class and out on the playground in improper footwear. Instead of getting hurt on your feet, invest in some quality shoes. Also, back to school means carrying home heavy books; avoid the problems associated with overloaded backpacks by choosing a quality backpack that has chest straps. Do not wear it on one shoulder, and if it is too heavy, look for an alternative for carrying all of your books around.

Next, don’t forget safety. No matter how well you eat and how much sleep you get, if you get hit by a car crossing the road, your health will not be so great. Remember to do things like buckle up, sit down on the bus until it comes to a complete stop, wear a helmet, look both ways and such like. There are a lot of safety precautions you should take when getting to and from school to ensure you do not put yourself at risk in the process.

Last but not least, when looking to go back to school and have a healthy year, do not forget to immunize. Make sure you are caught up on all of your vaccinations and immunizations, as they can protect you from serious illness and diseases. Being healthy is more about taking preventative steps, and using common sense in your choices then it is about taking supplements, etc.

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