Avoiding Back to School Jitters

Many kids are nervous about going back to school. The following will help them to get over their fears and be happy about the time they get to spend in the classroom expanding their learning.

Inform them where everything is and acquaint them with the school. One of the biggest fears of school is simply not knowing where to go and when to go there. If you want to help calm some of your child’s back to school jitters, take an afternoon to acquaint them with the school, where their classes are, where their locker is if they have one, how to get from here to there, how much time they will have, when to go to the lunch room, the gym, etc. Make sure they know where the buses pick them up, where they get dropped off and so on. The more information they have, the less nervous they will feel.

Review safety procedures. Help both your child and yourself overcome back to school jitters by reviewing safety with them. Talk to them about wearing helmets if riding a bike to school, about watching for cars when walking, about not talking on their cell phone while driving, about sitting down until the bus comes to a complete stop. Most importantly talk to them about not talking to strangers, and about peer pressure. Help them feel confident that they can attend school in relative safety.

Get stuff prepared ahead of time. Back to school jitters are easily avoided if your student feels well prepared. So, help them gather up the supplies they need, back to school clothes, and gear. Help them make their lunch ahead of time, or have an account at the school, or money in their pocket so that they are not rushing on the first day.

Talk to them and get them excited about making new friends, and meeting new people. One of the biggest fears kids experience with back to school is the social aspect of it. What if they can’t make friends? What if they do not know anyone? What if they are in a class without any of their friends? Alleviate these fears by helping them get excited about meeting new people and making new friends. If they are comfortable with the idea, they will have a much easier time going back to school.

Stay involved so you can continue to alleviate any fears or concerns they may have. This is probably the most important thing you can do for your child, is just be available. The more involved you are, the more likely you are to recognize their fears and concerns, and thus be able to address them and help them to be alleviated. For at least the first few weeks, make sure you are home to greet them as they get out of school, and ask about their day, their friends and their teachers.

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