How to Survive Back to School Shopping


Back to school shopping is not usually the kind of shopping that moms get excited about it. It usually involves a lot of hassle, lines, etc. So, survive back to school shopping this year by trying some of the following:

First, make a list. Back to school shopping can be a pain as it is, but it is much worse if you make it home and realize you forgot something. In order to avoid making several trips to Office Max, make sure you write down everything you need, and cross it out as you put it in the cart. This means a lot less hassle. It also helps you hyper focus and get through stores faster. If you are back to school clothes shopping, writing down the basics you need, like socks, two pairs of shoes, and new jeans, or whatever the case may be, will help you not to come home with all kinds of cute new things, but no underwear and socks (which you probably need).

Next, if you can, shop online. When you have school age kids, it can be a pain to take them to stores. These days you can get anything you need online, and many places offer free or reduced shipping rates. So, why not get all the basics from Amazon or another online store that has everything you need? You will have far less stress when you just click and pay with card. Then, you can do the more fun shopping, like clothes in the actual stores, or, if you don’t have the time, or don’t want to search racks for the correct sizes, you can do it online as well. Most stores offer great return policies for online purchases, so if it does not fit, or isn’t as cute in real life, you just send it back, or in some cases, you can take it back in to the store.

Watch for sales. Back to school shopping can be costly. If you want to save money and have your budget survive your back to school shopping, you may want to start early so you can watch for good sales. For example, you know your kids will probably need the basics every year for school, like new jeans, etc. So, at the end of the previous school year, when all the summer apparel comes out, the long pants go on sale. If you plan ahead you can purchase pants then, and save big. The same holds true for notebooks, pens, etc. If you have time to look for good deals, you will probably find them.

Ask the kids what they want. Lastly, if you want to survive back to school make sure you talk to your kids about what they want. There is nothing more frustrating then coming home with Sponge Bob folders and have them tell you they wanted Power Rangers!

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