How to Handle Back to School Nerves


Back to school nerves are common, but that does not make them easier to deal with. The most important thing you can do for a child who is suffering back to school nerves is not belittle them for their feelings, rather reassure them. The following are a few things you can do to help your child handle their back to school nerves:

First, make sure they know that they are not alone:If your child is really nervous about school, simply remind then that most kids are a little uneasy or nervous about the first day of school. Everyone worries about the same things, and feels just as lost and confused. If a kid does not feel as alone in their feelings, they will be able to cope with them better. You can also let them know that their teachers know that students get anxious about the first day of school, and that they can ask their teachers any questions they want. They will usually feel much better if they know that their teachers are going to be sensitive to their nervousness, and do what they can to help them adjust and feel comfortable.

Second, help them remember the good things about back to school: If you can focus on the good, and point out all the fun and exciting aspects of going back to school, it can help dispel some of the nervousness. Remind your child that they will see friends from previous years, have the opportunity to meet new friends, are one year older, that they can join sport teams, music groups, and other extra-curricular activities to meet more people. Help them find something positive about starting school, and make it the focus.

Third, do what you can to employ the buddy system:Kids are always less nervous about facing something if they do not have to do it by themselves. Find another child in the neighborhood or grade that they can go to school with, that way they are not entering the building alone. Both kids will probably be grateful for the companionship.

Fourth, make sure your child knows you are available if they need you:Most kids are nervous about going back to school, but if they know they have a support system in place, that you will drive them, walk them, or be at home waiting for them when they return, they feel far less worried.

You know your child, so talk to them about their specific worries, and see what you can do to remedy them. If they are worried about getting lost, take them on a tour of the school and help them find the important places like the cafeteria, library, and their classroom. If they are worried about friends, reassure them, and see what you can do to encourage kids thier age to hang out with them.

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