Secrets to Homework Success


Homework success is part of academic success. As a parent, helping your child to be successful at their homework is like giving them a gift for the rest of their life. When a child learns to successfully complete homework, it often impacts other areas of their life as well. Here are some great secrets to homework success.

1. Make it part of the routine. A child should never wonder if or when they are going to be doing their homework, just plan on it at the same time each day. For example, if you make it part of their daily routine it is not something that is a drag, or that will get them down, rather something they plan on and can handle. The best way to make it part of the routine is to simply outline with your child the things they need to do each day, and determine the order that will suit their personality best. Most of the time it is best to have it be after school, rather than in the morning, but allowing them time to do other things as well.

2. Have adult supervision. There are all kinds of studies that say that parents who take a real interest and are involved in their child’s education, have children who are more academically successful. It is important to know that when taking a part of their homework, that you help when needed, and supervise that it is being done, but never do it for them, and be honest. Provide your child with constructive criticism when it is needed, but be sure that you always combine that with something positive. Positive reinforcement is critical if you want your child to continue doing homework in the future.

3. Schedule homework in. Sit down with your child at the start of every week and have them go over what homework they will be having for the week. Most students will know ahead of time what their homework load will be for the week, as well as what projects they will have coming up. If they have group projects make sure they take a few minutes to contact their group members and schedule in a time to work on the project so that it does not turn into a last minute headache. In addition, have them write on a white board what assignments they have, and when they need to do them in order for them to be on time. Then, have them estimate how long each assignment will take, so that they can effectively manage their time.

4.  Make sure homework is followed by fun. While many kids want to put off homework until bedtime, it is wise to have them do it a little earlier so that it can be followed up with play or relaxation. If homework is followed by something fun, it will be more positively associated for the child.

5. Encourage them. Encouragement goes a long way to helping a child be successful with homework, so don’t forget to always encourage them!

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