Back-to-School Fun

back to school fun


Back to School Quotes

Boy Reading

There has been always been plenty to say about going back to school. From philosophers to humorist, going back to school has been a subject of debate and certainly an interesting topic. Whether you are looking for quotes that will simply amuse your kids, want some historical background on this time of year, or are […]

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Fun and Healthy Back to School Lunches


You would think after buying school clothes, school supplies, completing the registration process, and a host of other duties, that parents could breathe a sigh of relief when their little ones return to school. However, the reality is that once your child is back in school a new challenge begins-how to get them to eat […]

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Back to School Lunch Ideas

Healthy Lunch

The school year has begun, and with it the challenges, and often accompanying complaints of what your child has to eat for lunch. With the dubious nutrition and taste of school lunches, and the cost and non-existent health benefits of having lunch from a vending machine, parents turn to that standby of the brown bag […]

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Going to School Too: Back to School Activities for Preschoolers


Preschool is one of the first steps in the education process, and while it is very exciting for most preschoolers, it can also be overwhelming. Help them get excited to learn, and address their fears by helping them with these fun back to school activities. Great Year Certificates: Most kids come into the school year […]

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A Few Back to School Jokes

School Boys

Going back to school is no joke, but often a few funny knock knock jokes, or silly joke stories about going back to school or school in general can help alleviate some of the pressure kids feel about school. Here are some funny jokes about getting to school: Let’s start with the classic knock knock […]

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Back to School Bulletin Boards That Will Hook Your Students

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Back to school bulletin boards should welcome students back from the summer break, help them get acquainted with you, the class, and the way the upcoming school year is going to work. It should be fun and inviting. The following are a few ideas for back to school bulletin boards: Getting to know you board: […]

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Back to School Activities That Will Excite Your Child


Back to school activities should do one of two things: They should help you get ready to go back to school, or should celebrate the fun of summer and the enjoyment of having taken some time off. Here is a look at a few fun back to school activities: Personalizing your gear: One of the […]

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