Back-to-School Fun

back to school fun

More Back to School Shopping Survival Tips


Back to school shopping involves the purchase of all kinds of things, notebooks and pens, backpacks, pants, sporting equipment, etc. School shopping can be frustrating, and stressful. The following are the steps to surviving back to school shopping. Step One: Start early. You do not want to leave your back to school shopping to the […]

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How to Survive Back to School Shopping

Girl Shopper

Back to school shopping is not usually the kind of shopping that moms get excited about it. It usually involves a lot of hassle, lines, etc. So, survive back to school shopping this year by trying some of the following: First, make a list. Back to school shopping can be a pain as it is, […]

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Back to School Routines for a Smooth Transition Back to School

Girl Studying

When someone starts school it is important for them to follow a routine. Routines provide structure and allow kids to complete more and be more productive. The following is a back to school routine that covers all of the basics. 1. Wake up. 2. Eat breakfast. 3. Groom 4. Go to school. 5. Practice time […]

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Back to School Routines

When you put together a back to school routine for your kids, there are three times of the day you should plan for. Before school, after school, and before bed. Here are some suggestions for these three times. Morning: Mornings are important because they are the time that you set the tone for the day. […]

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Quotes About Back to School

There seems to have always been plenty to say when it comes to the subject of going back to school. As the summer winds to an end, the leaves begin to change color and kids head back to the classroom, it can be fun to look at some back to school quotes. From they humorous […]

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Back to School Quotes

Boy Reading

There has been always been plenty to say about going back to school. From philosophers to humorist, going back to school has been a subject of debate and certainly an interesting topic. Whether you are looking for quotes that will simply amuse your kids, want some historical background on this time of year, or are […]

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Ideas for Back to School Parties

Back to School

If your kids are not looking forward to going back to school, you may be able to help the situation by throwing a back to school party. And best of all there is no reason to settle for a run of the mill party. There are lots of ideas that can help you welcome this […]

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Back to School Party Ideas

School Kids

The transition of going back to school can be a difficult one, for both kids and adults. If you are looking for ways to ease out of summer and into a new season, you may want to consider throwing a back to school party.  A back to school party can be a great way to […]

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Back to School Organization Tips

Back to school can be a strenuous change of pace for most households. Once the lazy days of lounging by the pool, sleeping in and not having a schedule abruptly change into the back to school routine, it can be hard on many families and mom in particular. The stress of this new routine can […]

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Fun and Healthy Back to School Lunches


You would think after buying school clothes, school supplies, completing the registration process, and a host of other duties, that parents could breathe a sigh of relief when their little ones return to school. However, the reality is that once your child is back in school a new challenge begins-how to get them to eat […]

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