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back to school fun

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Super Supplies Coloring Page

Super Supplies

This handsome coloring page showcases some of a student’s best friends. All of these buddies help make learning fun and easy! My favorite is the compass because drawing circles by hand is hard. Download and print out this free PDF so you can have as much fun coloring as you do learning! Click on the […]

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Learn Much? Spot the Difference Puzzle

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Everybody is good at something. Some people are good at making friends and some people understand science while others may be very athletic. Sometimes we are good at a few things. School is a great way to help us find out what our talents are. Can you think of anyone who would be good at […]

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School Days Spot the Difference

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There are a lot of different feelings on the first day back to school. You can feel excited about the new year or sad that summer is over. You can be nervous about meeting new people and hopeful that you will get a nice teacher. After such a long day, it is a good idea […]

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