Back-to-School Fun

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Quotes About Back to School

There seems to have always been plenty to say when it comes to the subject of going back to school. As the summer winds to an end, the leaves begin to change color and kids head back to the classroom, it can be fun to look at some back to school quotes. From they humorous […]

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Ideas for Back to School Parties

Back to School

If your kids are not looking forward to going back to school, you may be able to help the situation by throwing a back to school party. And best of all there is no reason to settle for a run of the mill party. There are lots of ideas that can help you welcome this […]

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Back to School Party Ideas

School Kids

The transition of going back to school can be a difficult one, for both kids and adults. If you are looking for ways to ease out of summer and into a new season, you may want to consider throwing a back to school party.  A back to school party can be a great way to […]

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Back to School Lunch Ideas

Healthy Lunch

The school year has begun, and with it the challenges, and often accompanying complaints of what your child has to eat for lunch. With the dubious nutrition and taste of school lunches, and the cost and non-existent health benefits of having lunch from a vending machine, parents turn to that standby of the brown bag […]

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