School Word Find

Back to school word search

Here is a great after school activity! This back to school themed word search is free to download and print out. There are two puzzles in the PDF, one with a complete word list and one that has letters missing …[Continue]

Mini School Bus Coloring Fun

Schoolbus  coloring page

These imaginative children have built a small school bus that they can play in. They can take turns driving each other to school and making stops to pick up their friends on the way! Use your imagination to color in …[Continue]

Next Stop, Education

Next Stop, Education

This friendly little bus is looking for passengers on its way to school. Lots of boys and girls go to school in this bus. Would you like to go to school with them? If you already have a bus that …[Continue]

Moms Rule Coloring Page

Moms Rule Coloring Page

Moms are great! They make sure we get to school and they are happy to see us when we get home again. Here is a great coloring page that you can download and print out to color for your mom. …[Continue]

Secrets to Homework Success

Study time.

Homework success is part of academic success. As a parent, helping your child to be successful at their homework is like giving them a gift for the rest of their life. When a child learns to successfully complete homework, it …[Continue]