Back-to-School Fun

back to school fun


Stop the Morning Madness

Alarm Clock

The morning madness is something most households are familiar with, but that does not mean you have to deal with it. The following is a look at how to cut out the morning madness and just enjoy mornings: First and foremost, anything you can do the night before do. Mornings tend to get hectic when […]

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Secrets to Homework Success

Boy Studying

Homework success is part of academic success. As a parent, helping your child to be successful at their homework is like giving them a gift for the rest of their life. When a child learns to successfully complete homework, it often impacts other areas of their life as well. Here are some great secrets to […]

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Effective Ways to Handle Back to School Jitters

Child Studying

When kids are nervous about going back to school, it is the parent’s job to get to the bottom of that nervousness and reassure them. The most common reasons for back to school nerves are things like social fears, fear of being lost or doing something stupid, and worry about academics. So, help them handle […]

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How to Get Organized for Back to School

Paper Clips

The change in seasons also brings about a another change for many families-back to school. Parents often find themselves struggling with the increased demands that this new routine brings. However, there are several tips that make this transition much easier, and provide the family with a calmer and easier back to school. Here is what […]

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How to Handle Back to School Nerves

Boy and Girl

Back to school nerves are common, but that does not make them easier to deal with. The most important thing you can do for a child who is suffering back to school nerves is not belittle them for their feelings, rather reassure them. The following are a few things you can do to help your […]

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More Back to School Tips for Parents


Back to school can be an exciting or overwhelming time for both parents and children. The following are some back to school tips for parents to make the transition easier: Start early: It can be difficult to go from late nights and flexible schedules to the tight time tables that have to be met for […]

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Back to School Tips for Parents


Going back to school can be just as hard on the parents as it is on the kids. After all, even though they have to get up and get ready, it is usually the parents who are setting alarms and getting them out of bed, getting breakfast on the table, and rounding up shoes, jackets, […]

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More Back to School Shopping Survival Tips


Back to school shopping involves the purchase of all kinds of things, notebooks and pens, backpacks, pants, sporting equipment, etc. School shopping can be frustrating, and stressful. The following are the steps to surviving back to school shopping. Step One: Start early. You do not want to leave your back to school shopping to the […]

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How to Survive Back to School Shopping

Girl Shopper

Back to school shopping is not usually the kind of shopping that moms get excited about it. It usually involves a lot of hassle, lines, etc. So, survive back to school shopping this year by trying some of the following: First, make a list. Back to school shopping can be a pain as it is, […]

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Back to School Routines for a Smooth Transition Back to School

Girl Studying

When someone starts school it is important for them to follow a routine. Routines provide structure and allow kids to complete more and be more productive. The following is a back to school routine that covers all of the basics. 1. Wake up. 2. Eat breakfast. 3. Groom 4. Go to school. 5. Practice time […]

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