Back to School Routines

When you put together a back to school routine for your kids, there are three times of the day you should plan for. Before school, after school, and before bed. Here are some suggestions for these three times. Morning: Mornings …[Continue]

Back to School Health Tips

The following are some great back to school health tips: Tip one: Hand washing.Kids spread germs and illness because many do not wash their hands enough, and often touch their food and faces after touching someone or something full of …[Continue]

Avoiding Back to School Jitters

Many kids are nervous about going back to school. The following will help them to get over their fears and be happy about the time they get to spend in the classroom expanding their learning. Inform them where everything is …[Continue]

Back to School Encouragement

While many kids anticipate going back to school and seeing their friends again, it can also be an overwhelming and unpleasant prospect. Most kids need a little back to school encouragement. Without it they can feel like they are facing …[Continue]

Back to School Encouragement

Sometimes going back to school can be difficult, overwhelming, or just plain scary for kids. They may be having problems socially, or be worried academically. Either way, a little encouragement can go a long way. The following are a few …[Continue]