By Joe

Six Inch Blizzard!


One winter, when I was a little kid living in North Carolina, there was a snowstorm. Since my family had only recently moved there from Louisiana, this was the first time I’d seen snow, and being a little kid, I was entirely fascinated by the drifting white blanket over our lawn. My mother let me go outside once the snow stopped, and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I took one step and sank in up above my knee; my younger brother sank in so far that he couldn’t even move without my dad picking him up. I’d read about snowstorms and blizzards in children’s books, and at that point I thought to myself, “Now THIS is a real blizzard!” Of course, looking back at my old pictures, I was really just a very little kid. There couldn’t have been more than six inches of snow on the ground!

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