By Prakruti

Will remain in my memory for long


It was the Christmas vacation times in the year 1996. In India, Christmas vacations normally commence from 21st of December and goes on until the first week of January of the following year. My sister and her daughters have the practice decorating Christmas tree every year and they were doing so that year too. I had been to her place along with my sons. While we were busy decorating the tree, a small boy – seemed very poor – started watching us from outside and begged to be let in. We felt very sorry for him and called him inside. My sister told her maid to get a Santa costume for him and he stayed with us till the evening, enjoying all the frolic and fun till his parents took him away. He had brought a lot of joy for all of us.

The incident is still fresh in my mind. Could he have been the Santa himself on that day?

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