Enhancing the Christmas Season with Homemade Centerpieces

Christmas Centerpiece

The Christmas season is full of love, joy and delicious food. Decorating your home for the Christmas season is one of the best ways to share the love you have for this time of year with your friends and family. Homemade centerpieces are one way to celebrate the Christmas season. Centerpieces make beautiful gifts for your loved ones or you can place them on every table in your home to spread a little cheer. Here are some tips for creating beautiful homemade centerpieces to spread the love of the Christmas season with your loved ones.

Before you begin creating Christmas centerpieces, pick a theme for the centerpieces. Would you like to create a religious centerpiece, a snowman centerpiece, a Santa Claus centerpiece or even a food-related centerpiece? Once you’ve decided on a theme for your centerpiece, it’ll be much easier to start picking out different items to decorate it with.

Centerpieces can be any size you like; many times people get carried away and create a centerpiece that takes up the entire kitchen or dining room table. Before you even start to brainstorm different centerpieces, you need to consider how big you would like the centerpiece to be.

Once you have a theme, start with some simple things like flowers, fruits, ribbon, ornaments, glitter, candles, dolls, toys, feathers, pinecones, branches, topiaries and mirrors. You’ll need to have a little bit of imagination as you are trying to create your centerpiece; you might consider sketching it out first. Candles make a great main theme for any Christmas centerpiece. Purchase 4-6 candles in small jars. Consider getting candles that have Christmas scents such as gingerbread, Christmas tree and cinnamon work great. The candles need to be arranged so they are on different levels and end up with the main candle at the top. Use some garland, holly berries, mistletoe and pinecones to decorate the centerpiece.

Centerpieces don’t always need to include flowers and greenery. You can easily make a centerpiece using a large glass bowl and placing a candle in the middle of it. Include some other thematic items in the bowl for a decorative touch, such as small ornaments, transparent Mylar paper, ribbons or small glass marbles that are green and red. Perhaps a small Christmas tree with mini lights and mini ornaments would brighten your kitchen table. You could get a mirrored plate, a charger plate or a modern square one in red, green, white or blue as your base. Get floating candles in a Christmas color and small glasses in different sizes or even a single size in widths that allow at least

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