Adding Flair to Your Christmas Stockings

Christmas garland with a snow

Christmas decorations can get a little boring year after year which is why it’s important to change them up a little bit. With a little bit of glue and some different fabric, you can add some flair to your Christmas stockings this year. Here are some easy ways to add some flair to your Christmas stockings:

Choose a theme

One of the easiest ways to add some flair to your Christmas stockings is to pick a theme for your Christmas stockings. Even if you don’t have more than 2 people living at your home, you should create about 6 different stockings. Now, create a nativity scene on the stockings or create Santa Claus being pulled by his reindeer. A theme is a fun way to add to the joy of the Christmas season. You can create your own stocking with some felt fabric or you can purchase one in the store for about $5.99.

Pick the right size for your purpose

As you prepare to decorate your stockings, keep in mind that they need to be big enough to accommodate the decorations you want to add. If you have chosen a large theme, a standard stocking won’t work as it will be too small. Miniature stockings are great for hanging on the Christmas tree or for hanging on doors or on cabinet drawers.

Add different decorations to your stockings

Decorate stockings using bells, small ornaments or other Christmas themed pieces for a fun flourish. This is a simple way to make the stocking stand out. You can also use pine cones and holly along with cinnamon sticks to personalize the stocking and make it smell good. If you are making the stocking for your pet, glue some of their favorite treats to it. Glue some candy canes to the stocking to add a little candy flavored pizazz!

Use different colors

Instead of just getting the usual green, red and white stockings, look for some different colors. A blue stocking with white cotton balls stuck to it like snowballs is definitely a cute way to decorate your stocking. A lot of people have used jeans to make unique denim stockings; denim also makes pretty, unique trim on stockings. A pocket cut from a pair of jeans & glued to the front of any stocking is a great way to add a special present to it along with a candy cane or another fun treat. If you want to stick with the traditional Christmas colors, use 2-3 different colors. Use some green felt for the toe and heal of the stocking and red for the rest of the stocking. Get some white fleece for the top of the stocking and then glue your name across the top on the white part of the stocking. It’s a fun way to make your stocking look great. Use the red and green felt to cut out the letters of your name so you can glue them to the top of the stocking. You can also use the white fleece to cut out your name and glue it on the body of the stocking.

Hang them in a different place

Instead of always hanging stockings over the fireplace, how about hanging them in a different place? The bathroom or the kitchen could use a little decorating this time of year. You don’t have to use the same stockings that you stuff with presents; Christmas stockings in the bathroom are a cute decoration and they can hold the hand towels. In the kitchen, the Christmas stockings can hold other things like candy canes or little gifts for your guests. Knit some tiny stockings to add to the bathroom or to other rooms in your home.

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