Creating Fun Christmas Crafts with Paper

Christmas Crafts with Kids

Christmas crafts are a lot of fun to create, especially for kids. Craft time is a wonderful opportunity for your kids to use their creativity and expand their cognitive memory. No matter how old your kids are paper crafts are a lot of fun to create and they make great decorations for your home.

You can create stationary, snowflakes, Christmas boxes, greeting cards, picture frames and snowmen using paper. Sit down with your kids and decide on a few different Christmas crafts you would like to create. A Christmas tree is one of the easiest paper crafts to create. Cut out two Christmas trees from some green or white card stock. Get a few decorative elements for the tree like beads to act as lights and a small star for the top of the tree from your local craft store. Cut a slit in one tree and insert it through the other tree, this should create a 3-D tree. Decorate all the different sides of the tree and hang it from your kitchen light with a little bit of wire, clear thread or fishing line.

Snowmen are another fun paper Christmas craft to create. You’ll need some white card stock to make the snowmen. Cut out pieces for eyes, nose and mouth from foam and color them as you like. If you want to give your snowmen some dimension, you can buy a foam ball and cut it in half or cut a foam piece from a foam block. Cut a small piece of fabric for a scarf. Hang the snowman from your front door. If it seems a bit small, hang it on a bathroom mirror or a door knob.

You can use the snowman idea for Christmas greeting cards. Paint a snowman on the card, cut one out of card stock or foam or print one, cut it out and glue it to card stock. Glue it to the front of a card to create a festive Christmas greeting card to share with your friends and family.

Creating fun Christmas wreaths using paper plates is a fun craft for the kids. Have the kids spray the plates green or red. Use the opposite color and have your child dip their hand in the paint and press it right into the middle of the plate. Once the plate has dried, paint some cheerios red or green, the opposite color of the plate. Glue the cheerios to the plate along with some leaves; this should look like holly berries. If you don’t want to go with the cheerios idea, you can opt for gluing small ribbons onto the plate. Use the ribbon or glue with glitter to spell out ‘Merry Christmas’. This will make a wonderful gift for parents or grandparents.

Christmas angels using some old toilet paper rolls. You will need white card stock along with a foam circle for the head of the angel, acrylic paint and fake hair or tinsel to use as hair for the angel. Use some wire to make a halo for the angel. Now, to put it altogether, attach the foam circle to the top of a toilet paper roll with glue or a glue gun. Once it is secure and has dried, wrap a piece of white card stock around the toilet paper roll. If card stock is too difficult to work with, use white fabric. Glue the fake hair or tinsel to the top of the foam circle then paint on a face. Secure the halo above the head of the angel and you have yourself a cute Christmas craft to display in your home.

Christmas stars are another simple Christmas craft you can create with paper. You can do basic stars with your kids using paper mache or you can opt for a decorative star to go on top of your Christmas tree. A 3-D star is also a lot of fun to create thought it takes a lot of time.

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