Building Lasting Christmas Memories with Stocking Crafts


The Christmas stocking is a tradition that has been around for centuries. Children love to see the Christmas stocking stuffed full of presents on Christmas morning. Decorating your Christmas stocking and adding your name to it are two of the most import parts of having a stocking. Many people use traditional red and white stockings with a name across the top. While it’s nice to uphold traditions when it comes to stockings, mixing it up a bit with some fun Christmas stocking crafts can be fun, too. If you are looking for a fun Christmas craft, decorating Christmas stockings is a lot of fun and a simple way to make memories to last a lifetime.

What makes Christmas stockings so unique is that it is not only fun to open them up to see what surprises await your little ones, stockings excite them and get them ready for the Christmas season. Just pulling the stockings out of the storage box and hanging them up fills kids with a sense of anticipation and excitement for Christmas and it adds to the joy of the season. Even if you don’t have kids, you may find yourself standing back and admiring your Christmas stockings once and awhile.

To create fun stocking crafts, have each person come up with a different theme for their stocking. If you want to do a family theme with your stockings, consider arranging the stockings from the oldest to youngest person in your family. Let’s say you have a family of four. On one stocking, you can put Santa Claus in his sleigh and on the other three, put a reindeer on it that looks like it is pulling the sleigh. It’s a fun way to decorate your home for the holiday season and to teach your kids a little bit about it, too.

If you have a family pet, don’t forget to make them a stocking, too. This is another great way to spend time with your kids and they like to include the family pets. Make a pet stocking that includes a paw print along with a cut out of their favorite treat or toy. This is a fun and easy way to include your pets in the holiday fun. Of course, let your kids decorate the stocking since it is their pet.

Even if your kids have moved out of the home, hanging the stockings will still invite the holiday season into your home and it will remind you of the many joyous Christmases you have shared with your children.

To decorate the stockings, head out to your local craft or hobby store. Look around for fun items that can be glued or sewn onto the stocking. Miniature bells, bows and presents are wonderful decorations to add to your stocking.

Have each person in the family cut out their name from different colored felt and glue it to the stockings. Even if your kids are really little, be sure to involve them in the entire process of creating their stocking. You can redo it as they get older, but they might enjoy the stocking they created when they were younger.

If you just want to make some fun Christmas stockings as crafts, use some paper bags to create them. This is a fun, easy project if you are a schoolteacher and you need a fun holiday craft for the kids. Offer them a variety of fabrics, colored pencils, crayons, markers, and paint so they can have fun decorating it. Don’t forget to add some puff paints to the mix; this will really bring out the creative side of your children.

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