Homemade Ornaments: Starting a New Family Tradition

Ornaments Christmas

No Christmas season is complete without a Christmas tree. Decorating your Christmas tree is an important part of Christmas. Christmas ornaments, old and new alike, beautify any tree and often make it the heart of a festive, Christmas ready home. Make long-lasting memories with your kids by making homemade ornaments; maybe start a new tradition by making new homemade ornaments each year. Adding a new ornament or two to your tree every year is a great way to create a Christmas tradition that can be passed down to your children and your grandchildren.

Take a look at some of your favorite ornaments. Why do you love them? Were they passed down to you from your grandparents or other relatives? If you have a few ornaments that have been around for a few years, now is a great time to start your own tradition by making a new ornament each year. Pattern your ornament after some of the ones that you like.

Here are some simple homemade ornaments you can create:

  • Jar ornaments. Get a few family pictures that you can glue onto the lid of a jar. You can decorate the lid with some fabric or a foam snowman. Use ribbon as a hanger to put the ornament on the Christmas tree. Jar ornaments are fun decorations to add to a tree and mostly every Christmas tree includes at least one ornament with a picture of your family or your children.
  • Glass ornaments. Purchasing some glass ornaments and decorating them yourself is another simple way to decorate your Christmas tree. You will need tinsel, glitter, cotton and family pictures to place inside the ornaments. If you have a small family photo, place it inside the glass ornament and then stuff it with some tinsel. This will create a beautiful ornament that you can display year after year.
  • Dog bone ornaments. Do you have a family pet? If so, create a special Christmas ornament for them. Attach a picture of your pet to an oversized treat and hang it from the tree with some ribbon that is glued to the back of treat. Be sure to put the year you made the ornament on it so that you can always remember your four-legged friend.

Creating family ornaments is a lot of fun, but they won’t last long if you don’t store them properly. Bubble wrap is one of the best ways to make sure your ornaments are protected. You should also store them in a protected box with a lot of packing material so that they do not get broken. Be careful whenever you are unpacking the ornaments each year since homemade ornaments tend to be fragile.

When you decorate the Christmas tree, hang the breakable ornaments at the top of the Christmas tree and the plastic ones at the bottom of the tree. This way you will keep them safe from falling off the tree and getting broken if the tree is bumped.

You can even enhance new, store bought ornaments with some ribbon and some glitter. A pair of small wooden skis can easily be decorated with a little bit of glue and some glitter. Tie some bows to the skis and hang them from the tree. This is a fun way to make various ornaments stand out on your Christmas tree. Choosing a theme for your Christmas tree is always a fun option and it’s a simple way to display your love for a certain sport or hobby.

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