Preschool-Aged Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

Preschool is an interesting time of life. You don’t really know what is going on, but the habits you form will certainly help you to develop a particular type of life. If you learn to love school and learning in preschool this could make a very big impact on your life. However, because it can be so difficult to learn how to teach this children, you might find it difficult to make this kind of adifference in their lives. It is true that you can only teach preschool aged children so many things. Most of what you teach them will be basic but important. While you might teach them some basic language skills another thing you can teach preschool aged kids is about holidays. A big part of young children’s lives is celebrating holidays with their families or friends. You want to teach them about these holidays and help them to have a positive experience with them. This will help them to understand cultural differences and it will help them to know how to behave appropriately in different situations. Regardless of whether or not your students celebrate particular holidays, it is important for them to understand them. Christmas is one of those holidays that they really need to understand well. So how will you teach young children about christmas? Try a christmas bulletin board. Here are some great ideas for christmas bulletin boards:

1. Hand print snowflakes. With older children you could have them actually cut out paper snowflakes. However, with this age of children it will not be safe to do so. Instead have each child dip their hands in some non-toxic white paint. Then have them make handprints on the bulletin board. Explain that there handprint is like a snowflake. This allows the kids to be creative and to get dirty, which is one of these kids favorite things to do.

2. A christmas scene. A fun scene composed of christmas cutouts is another option for you to try. This could be especially successful if you use fun animals or people for your cutouts. Most children like Santa Clause or poloar bears. You could also create a sleeding scene or a scene of children sitting around a hearth singing songs. These are just a few of many possibilities for christmas scenes.

3. Christmas gift box. Fix a box to the bulletin board. In the days before christmas you can have each child take a turn receiving a gift. This should be a small gift-nothing fancy or expensive. This will help to teach the children that the holiday is about giving to eachother. It will also help to get them excited about class and the holiday.

4. Christmas game board. You can use a bulletin board as a game board. Play pin the tale on the reindeer with a velcro tale. Try a memory game with cards taken from christmas related themes. Be creative with your games. This is a good option because it gets the kids excited about class and the holiday.

These are just a few of several different options for preschool aged bulletin board ideas. Be creative and you will be able to come up with many, many more. Realize that the sky is the limit when it comes to creative projects. Don’t do anything too abstract or conceptual. Realize that if you have entertained and taught a preschooler you will have succeeded. Try bright colors and something interactive and you will do great. Good luck with all of your christmas bulletin board endeavors!

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