Elementary School Aged Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

Elementary school aged chilren are difficult to teach. They don’t always have the longest attention spans. It can be difficult to get them tofocus for long periods of time. They often just want to go to recess and play. However, they also love to be creative and to work together with other students. They love to be entertained and they love really great classroom decorations. You know that you will not be able to teach these kids if you are booring. Just standing infront of them and lecturing will not keep their attention. You need tofind different methods of teaching that will keep them excited about learning. One way to do this is to use the decorations in your classroom to teach. For example, you could design a really cool bulletin board that would teach some sort of basic principle or idea. Recently I have been designing holiday bulletin boards to help teach students about the important holidays of the world and its cultures. There are some great bulletin board ideas that will really help your students understand the holidays. And with christmas coming you will want to know how best to decorate your classroom for christmas. So here are some great ideas for elementary school aged christmas bulletin boards:

1. Snowflakes. This is a great idea because it allows the kids to be creative. Many teachers when they make a bulletin board don’t involve the students. This is fine, but if you want a break and if you want to try to really get the students excited, you should consider some of these creative possibilities. Have each student cut out a snowflake. Don’t limit their creativity. Allow them to develop whatever designs they would like. When they have all finished have them write their names somewhere on the snowflake. Then paste all of the snowflakes on the board. It would be best to use a dark background color so that the snowflakes standout. This is a great christmas bulletin board because it will get the kids excited about christmas and their particular snowflake.

2. Gift boxes. This one involves a bit more work, but it can be very rewarding. Have each child decorate a small box. Make sure they include their names as part of the decoration. Then paste the boxes onto the board. Assign each child another child to give a gift to. Make sure to limit the amount of money that can be spent on the gift (as well as the size of the gift). This is agreat idea because it teaches the children that the holidays are about giving. It also allows them to be creative with their gifts and with their boxes.

3. Christmas scene. Another possibility is to do something a bit more traditional. For example, you could create a paper cut-out christmas scene. This could be a Santa with reindeer or a snowman. You could also have a sled scene with trees and children. There are all sorts of possibilities when it comes to christmas scenes.

These are the sorts of ideas that will help to entertain and teach the children about the christmas holiday. Realize that you can develop your own ideas and come up with some really fun ideas. You can also ask the children for ideas. Never limit yourself just to your own ideas. The children might have some really great ideas about how to decorate the christmas bulletin board. Keep trying and see what works well. Be creative and you will have some great christmas bulletin boards! Good luck!

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