Easy to Do Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas

There are so many great holidays out there. As a teacher one of the best things you will do is to teach students about the holidays. This will be fun not just because you like holidays, but because you will see the students learn about the holidays and learn to enjoy them as well. You will be teaching them important principles and you will help to do some of their parent’s job of teaching them about holidays. One of the most important holidays to teach children about is christmas. This is not because all children or their families will celebrate christmas, but because regardless of what holiday you celebrate, christmas is a large part of the culture of many people in the world. But how will you teach children about christmas? There are many different methods that you can use. Just getting up and teaching about the holiday is only one method. Another interesting method is to decorate your room in particular ways. You could make a christmas bulletin board that helps to teach about the holiday and helps to entertain the students. Let’s face it, you know that being a teacher is part being an educator and part being an entertainer. If you can design interesting and entertaining decorations you can have a big impact on your students and you can help them to learn that learning is fun. This can be difficult to do, but with some serious practice you can get to where you want to be in terms of teaching. So what are some easy to do christmas bulleting board ideas? Let’s say you don’t have much money in terms of budget and you don’t have the abillity to do something really extravagent. Here are a few ideas you should consider:

1. Snowflakes. Kids love to be creative. They love to be able to take a look at something they made with some pride. Much of their educations will be memorization or something equally booring. When you allow them to create something they realize that learning is fun and that self expression is a good thing. The snowflake idea will really help you to do this. Give each student a snowflake to make. Don’t put any restrictions on them. Allow each student to make something that is unique to them. Paiste the snowflakes against a dark background so that they really stand out. Write each student’s name next to their snowflake. When all is done you will have a beautiful bulletin board with each student’s work.

2. Santa Claus. This is a similarly creative idea to the snowflake. Divide the bulletin board up into squares. Allow each student to take a square. Let each student draw a picture of Santa Claus-or paint a picture of Santa Claus. Encourage the students to be creative. As with the snowflakes, this idea will allow the students to be creative.

3. Gift boxes. Attach small boxes to the bulletin board for each student. Write each student’s name on the boxes, or allow them to decorate their own boxes. Then assign each student to send a gift to another student. This helps to teach the students about the giving nature of christmas. It also allows them to be creative and to express how they feal about other students.

Try any of these ideas and you will see positive results. Of course the sky is the limit when it comes to christmas bulletin boards. So go try a few ideas and see what works for you and your students. Good luck!

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