Yarn Christmas Ornaments

Yarn is an easy to work with and affordable craft item. You can pick up yarn very affordable at your local craft store or even discount or dollar stores. Kids especially love working with yarn due to the variety of colors and the ease of using it. You can turn yarn and leftover socks into Christmas ornaments that may become precious family heirlooms. Keep in mind that this crafts include lots of gluing and cutting so adult supervision is recommended. Here are some great ideas for yarn Christmas ornament crafts for kids-

The real beauty of this ornament is there will never be more than one the same! This craft will everyone make their own unique Christmas tree ornament. Keep in mind that this is a two-day project since the glue will have to dry overnight.

What you will need:

•Green yarn
•White glue
•Wax paper
•1 chenille stem or ribbon

Instructions for the project: Cover your work surface with wax paper. Pour some white glue onto a paper plate or into a small bowl. Cut the pieces of yarn into varying lengths. You will want to lay out pieces onto work surface first to be sure you have enough to make your design. Dip the pieces of yarn into white glue completely covering each piece. Squeeze off the excess glue so that they do not drip. Place the pieces of glued yarn onto the wax paper, overlapping each piece as you work. Allow the yarn to dry overnight. Once the yarn is dry, you can loosen it from the wax paper. You can use the white glue to add buttons, beads or sequins to further embellish your ornament. Let dry completely and then add a chenille stem or ribbon hanger.

Tips: You can use white yarn and once dry, dip in glue and then colored glitter. Also keep in mind that this can be a messy project. In order to protect clothing have a damp wash cloth handy to wipe up little fingers.

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