Puzzle Piece Photo Ornament

If you have jigsaw puzzles with pieces missing, this puzzle photo ornament is a creative craft for kids that can make use of the remaining pieces.

What you will need:

•Puzzle pieces
•Green spray paint or craft paint
•Ribbon (or premade bow)
•Narrow ribbon or cording
•Green construction paper
•2 Round objects to trace (See instructions below)
•Red glitter glue pen
•Photograph (wallet size works best)

Instructions for the project: Be sure to spray paint your puzzle pieces ahead of time, or let the children paint the pieces with craft paint. Let dry completely.
Find a round object to trace that the size will be the right size opening for the picture to show through. Find another round object that is about 2 inches wider than the first object. Carefully trace around the larger object on the green construction paper. Cut the circle out. Then position the smaller object in the middle of the cut out circle. Trace around it and cut the inside of the circle out.

Glue the painted puzzle pieces around the circle. Be sure that you leave the center open for the picture to show through. It works best to layer the pieces in 2 layers to fill in the bare spots. Use the glitter glue pen to put small red dots on the green puzzle pieces. (This is to resemble holly berries) Let dry completely. Then you can glue the photograph on the back of the circle. Add on a bow and some ribbon or cording so that you may hang your ornament. Now you can take the largest circle object and trace it on the cardboard. Cut the circle out and glue the cardboard circle to the back of the ornament. (This step gives the ornament stability)

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