Pasta Wreath Photo Frame

Once you have made one of these Pasta wreath photo frames, you will never look at macaroni, fusilli or bow-tie noodles the same way. Kids love the idea of working with uncooked pasta.

What you will need:

•Poster board
•Hole punch
•Circle patterns
•Gold metallic spray paint
•Uncooked Pasta (a variety of fun shapes)
•Ribbon (optional)

Instructions for the project: Draw a circle on the poster board that is about 4″ in diameter (use a tin can, butter tub lid, etc. for a pattern). Draw a smaller circle in the middle of the first one be sure to make it a size (opening) that will fit your photo. Carefully cut out both circles to make a wreath shape. Use a hole puncher to make a hole for hanging the ornament. Now you can begin gluing on various pasta shapes (shells and bows work beautifully) to make a pattern on the wreath.

Let the frame dry overnight. Spray paint the entire ornament with gold metallic paint. Let the ornament dry completely. Be sure to add the child’s name and date to the back of the picture. Now you can glue or tape the photo onto the back of the ornament so that it will show in the center of the wreath. Attach a festive ribbon if desired.

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