Christmas Photo Ornaments

Kids usually always love looking at photographs. Whether the pictures are of themselves or family and friends getting out the scrapbook can make for a great walk down memory lane with your children. But what do you do with those extra or leftover photos? Why not have your kids turn them into fun photo Christmas ornaments? We have got some great ideas that will allow you to showcase each family member or happy memories from years gone by. The kids will love creating something new with the pictures and you will have precious memories to hang on your tree. Here are some great ideas for photo Christmas ornament crafts for kids-

This is an easy way to give a personalized Christmas photo ornament to the special people on your list. Kids will love crafting it into the perfect gift for Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc.

What you will need:

•Clear Christmas Bulbs about 6″ or larger with removable tops/hooks
•Pencil or paintbrush or Q-tips
•Optional: Paint, Christmas ribbon, Potpourri

Instructions for the project: Gently take tops off of clear bulbs. Cut out the picture about the same diameter of bulb. Wrap your chosen photo around a pencil (photo side out). Slip pencil and the picture into the bulb. Use the pencil or q-tips to straighten out picture so that it stands upright in the middle of bulb. After the picture is placed where you want it in the bulb put the top back on. You can then paint on the opposite of picture add the date, your name, or a greeting. Don’t forget to add a festive ribbon to the top as well.
Tip: You can also fill up behind the picture with potpourri or other filling if you want the bulb to be completely filled.

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