Winter Wool Snowflake Ornament

This delightful snowflake ornament is easy to make and fun to have hanging on your Christmas tree.

What you will need:

•Tracing paper
•Heavy-weight fusible webbing
•Medium-weight white wool
•White paint pen (available at crafts stores)
•1-inch crystal bugle beads
•3/8-inch clear-plastic star beads
•Large crystal seed beads
•1/2-inch sew-on white iris sequin snowflakes
•12 inches 1/8-inch-wide ribbon
•White thread
•Beading needle
•Silver glitter paint (available at crafts stores)

Instructions for the project: Trace a snowflake pattern of your choice onto the fusible webbing. If you are unsure of drawing a snowflake freehand you can print and trace the outline of a snowflake onto tracing paper and then enlarge it on a photocopier. Your pattern will need to be about 6 inches across at the widest points. After completing the pattern fuse the webbing to the wrong side of the wool fabric following the manufacturer’s directions.Carefully cut out the snowflake shape from the fused wool fabric. Gently remove the backing from the fusible webbing. Place the ends of the ribbon on the webbing at the top of the snowflake, overlapping the edge about 1/2 inch to make a hanging loop. Fuse the snowflake shape to another piece of wool fabric so both the front and the back of the snowflake is wool. Then you need to cut out the snowflake shape a second time, being careful not to cut off the hanging loop. Seal the raw edges of the snowflake using the paint pen. Let the paint dry completely. Now you can decorate the snowflake by stitching beads on and adding paint to the snowflake.

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