Snowflake Ornament

Whether you live where its snowy at Christmas time or you are simply wishing for a white Christmas these ornaments will let you have a snowflake bedecked Christmas tree. You can make a few to highlight your tree or really go to town and create a blizzards worth. Here are some ideas for snowflake handmade Christmas ornaments-

These painted snowflakes will have you singing, “Let it snow!” whatever the weather. Keep in mind that you may want to use a measuring tape or ruler to ensure straight and equal lines.

What you will need:

•Light blue ball ornament
•White glass paint
•Fine liner paintbrush
•Pencil with round-tip eraser

Instructions for the project: Cover your entire work surface with newspapers. Paint the snowflake structure. You will be painting a symmetrical snowflake. Start by painting a plus sign (+) in the size you want the snowflake. Then add a smaller x over the plus sign. After painting your basic snowflake add in details, painting the same marks on all extensions of the snowflake. To add small dots you can dip the handle end of a paintbrush in paint and dot on the surface. Let the paint dry completely. For some added depth paint on some large dots on the background. You can do this by dipping the eraser end of a pencil into paint and dot on the surface. Let the paint dry completely and hang your ornament.

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