Stained Glass Christmas Trees

There is perhaps no other recognized icon of Christmas than the evergreen tree. While traditions may vary from country to country throughout the world Christmas celebrants excitedly decorate their Christmas tree to herald in the holiday season. This holiday season have your kids decorate their own mini version of Christmas trees by doing one of these fun crafts to hang on the big tree. Whether you are planning a holiday party, a classroom activity or just want to share some seasonal fun with your kids doing one of these craft ideas can help you make precious holiday memories. Here are some ideas for Christmas tree ornament crafts for kids-

This easy to do craft can add a festive and sparkling touch to any Christmas tree. The kids will be drawing the stained glass designs onto the plastic wrap, and then putting them onto foil-covered plates.

What you will need:

•Permanent magic markers with pointed tips, in an assortment of colors
•A Christmas tree template or have the kids draw their own and cut out from cardstock
•Small paper plates (about 7 inch diameter)
•Aluminum Foil
•Plastic Food Wrap
•Ribbon for hanging, optional
•Construction paper to cover the back, optional

Instructions for the project: The trees should be about 5 or 5 1/2 inches across. Tape the tree to the table at the corners. Then take a piece of plastic wrap that is large enough to easily cover the plates (at least 11 inches square)a bit bigger is better than too small. Tape the plastic wrap to the table over the tree. Be sure that the tree is centered under the plastic wrap, and stretch the plastic wrap slightly so that it is smooth and taut. Securely tape all 4 corners and the centers of all the sides. If the wrap is loose, it will be hard to draw on. Encourage the kids to be careful since they are using permanent markers. Some markers will smudge if you color one color into another so I may be easier to color all the colored areas first, and then draw the black outlines later. Also be gentle since the plastic wrap can tear. Cover the paper plate with foil. You do this by crumpling the foil a bit, then smooth it out, and cover the bottom of the plate with the foil, shiny side showing. Wrap the extra foil around to the ‘top’ of the plate. Now you are ready to put your artwork on the plate. Carefully remove the tape that’s holding the plastic wrap to the table. If it won’t come off just trim the sticky part off. Turn your tree over, so that the markered side of the plastic wrap is down. Carefully place it on the foil covered side of the plate. Center it, and then wrap the excess plastic wrap around the back and tape it. If you want to hang your ornament with a ribbon, take a 10″ piece of ribbon or yarn, and tape it in a loop to the back of the plate. If you want to cover the back of your plate take an uncovered paper plate and trace around it onto a piece of construction paper. Cut out a circle that is a bit smaller than the one you drew, so that it will only be on the back. Attach it with tape or glue and hang on the tree.

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