Sparkly Framed Christmas

This is different way to make an ornament frame to show off pictures of your nearest and dearest or holiday celebrations of yesteryear.

What you will need:

•Blank paper-mache ornaments (available at a local craft store)
•Craft paints (the best ones are marked “fade resistant”)
•Paint brush
•Paint tray (e.g., paper plate)
•Small container to rinse your paintbrush in water
•Glue stick
•Pictures to place on the ornaments
•Clear glossy interior varnish (optional)

Instructions for the project: Choose pictures that you can crop down to fit your chosen ornament. Keep in mind that if you are using an ink jet printer some of the ink jet prints will bleed when they get wet. You can test for any bleeding by applying a coat of polyurethane on a test print. Cut each picture to fit within its ornament. For example you can cut a star shape to mimic a star shaped ornament, cut a circle shape to place in the middle of any shape, round the corners of an image, and just be creative! Paint the ornaments whatever color you choose. Paint the whole ornament including both sides, let it dry, and then add gold paint to trim the edge and add a little glitter. Let the ornaments air dry completely before proceeding to the next step. Glue the pictures on the ornaments. Keep in mind that you can glue one picture per ornament, or glue a different picture on each side of the ornament. If you wish paint a border around the pictures and then finish the ornaments with a coat of glossy varnish. Although this step is optional, it adds a nice finished look to your ornaments.

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