Clay Photo Frames

If you are like most people you take a ton of holiday photos. But the big question is-what do you do with all those photos once the holidays are over? Scrapbooks are great but how about turning some of those holiday memories into cherished handmade Christmas ornaments? We have some great ideas here for you to memorialize those happy holiday times and the people you shared them with. So before you go storing those extra holiday photos in a shoebox here are some ideas for photo handmade Christmas ornaments-

This is a fun take on making a frame and an ornament.

What you will need:

•Air-drying clay (Can be bought at any art supply store)
•Wooden skewers
•Ribbon or String
•Sharp Knife
•Clear Piece of Plastic Acetate or Laminating plastic
•Cardboard or poster board (optional)

Instructions for the project: The first step in this easy craft project is to roll the air dry clay out to a

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