Keepsake Angel Ornament

This delightful ornament can become a cherished family keepsake.

What you will need:

•20″ of 4″ wide gathered lace
•10″ of 1″ wide gathered lace
•7/8″ round wood bead or turning
•Craft hair
•1 square of white felt
•Paint – brown or blue for eyes, red for lips
•Craft wire
•Braided cord
•10″ Fishing line or heavy duty clear thread
•Hot glue gun

Instructions for the project: Gather the 20″ piece of 4″ wide lace on wire and twist wire together for dress. Hot glue the wood bead on top of gathered lace. Gather the 10″ piece of 1″ wide lace on wire for collar, twist it closed around the base of the head. Then you can make wings out of felt in shape of a butterfly. Trim the wings with braided cord around the edge. Glue the craft hair on the top of the bead. Cut a piece of braided cord to fit the top of head (as a halo) and glue the ends together. Glue the finished halo on top of the hair. Knot a piece of fishing line together. Lay it on top of wings with the loop above the wings (to use an hanger). Using a lot of glue attach the wings to the back of angel. Paint eyes and mouth on the wood bead for your angel’s face.

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