Jute Twist

Crafting handmade Christmas ornaments can be great family fun or an exciting activity for friends of all ages to enjoy. By making your own ornaments you can truly personalize the season that many feel has become too commercialized. In addition the gift of a handmade ornament says you care enough to spend time on someone special. Children especially love the idea of handmade ornaments that can be hung on their tree. So gather your friends and family together for some fun ornament making or surprise them this year with a true gift from the heart. Here is what you need to know about how to make unique handmade Christmas ornaments-

This is a very elegant yet rustic ornament for your Christmas tree. This can be done fairly easy in an afternoon producing enough ornaments to decorate your entire tree.

What you will need:

•2 red berry sprays, 3-1/2 inches each
•Hot glue gun, glue sticks
•Jute twine
•Tape measure or yardstick

Instructions for the project: Start by bending both berry sprays into a C shape.Glue the stems of sprays together, with the Cs facing each other. Cut the jute into the following lengths: 3 foot, two 10 inch, and 8 inch. Make a large loopy bow from 3-foot length. Tie center of bow with both of the 10-inch lengths. Glue the bow to the stems of the sprays.Fold the 8-inch length of jute in half. Glue the open ends t the back of the stems for a hanger.

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