Hat and Scarf Ornament

This craft works with yarn in a different form. Mismatched socks(you know you always have that one lone sock) form the basis for this darling ornament. All you need to make this delightful ornament is an old sock, some ribbon and your imagination.

What you will need:

•Colorful sock
•Thin ribbon
•Hot glue gun

Instructions for the project: The cuff of the sock will be the band of the hat ornament. Carefully cut the foot section off of the sock. Tie a piece of the ribbon around the cut end of the sock, about an inch or so from the cut. Be sure to tie the ribbon tight to cause the sock fabric to gather together, and then tie in a knot. You can use the remaining ribbon as the hanger for your ornament. Use the scissors to fringe the cut end above the tied ribbon to create the top of the hat. From the foot section of the sock that you cut off earlier, cut a long strip (as long as you can get from it) that is about about 2 inches wide. You can create the scarf by cutting the length of sock material up the center, leaving about 1 inch at the top. You should now have two scarf ends. At this point fringe the ends of the scarf using your scissors. To hang the ornament loop a piece of ribbon and place the open ends inside the top of the scarf. Dab some hot glue inside the ornament and roll the top of the scarf around the ribbon to create the hanger.

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