Dried Flower Ornaments

There is just no need to have to hang those boring ball ornaments on your tree. Gather your kids and give them the supplies for these fun craft projects and you will have the most spectacular ball ornaments to hang on your tree. Here are some great ideas for Christmas ball ornament crafts for kids-

You can preserve beautiful wildflowers in the summer and use them to create elegant Christmas ornaments in the winter. Kids will enjoy creating this craft all year.

What you will need:

•Glass ball ornaments
•Various sprigs of dried flowers
•Thin ribbon
•Pencil or straw

Instructions for the project: Carefully open the glass ornament by squeezing the hanger and gently pulling the top off. Cut various sizes of small sprigs of dried flowers small enough to fit inside the ornament. Gently push the flowers through the hole into the ball. You can use a pencil or straw to move any big clumps. Put the top back on. Tie a bow out of the ribbon at the top of the ball.

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